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Yonsei University, Wonju Severance Christian Hospital.

  Yonsei University, Wonju Severance Christian Hospital was founded in November 1959 by the Board of World Mission of The United Church of Canada, the America Methodist World Mission Board, the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea and the Korean Methodist Church under the doctrine of 'Christian Mission through Medical Service.' When it was founded, the formal name was Wonju Christian Union Hospital and it had 50 beds. A cooperative agreement  with Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea was in place until March 1976, when Wonju hospital merged with Yonsei University. Since then, our hospital has grown remarkably to become the biggest university hospital in central Korea.

  Wonju Severance Christian Hospital is currently, also, the best hospital in central Korea with 850 beds and 29 clinical departments. Under the 29 departments, there are the Regional Emergency Center, Gastroenterohepatology Center, Maternity and Child Health Care Center, Cancer Center, Referral Center and a Day Surgery Center where surgery and discharge are possible within one day. There is also a Stem Cell Therapy Center, which focuses on developing medical technologies such as stem cell therapy needed to cure obstinate diseases, and on developing the technology of embryonic therapy.

  Also, at Wonju Severance Christian Hospital not only are infertility studies done but also state-of-the-art operations such as IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization), and surgery for various heart diseases, kidney transplantation, and corneal transplantation. The hospital also possesses high-tech medical equipment such as MRI, color doppler, Cine angiography system, ESWL, Excimer laser, Linear accelerater, Selectron -HDR, heat therapy, and Varian Ximatron. 

  Moreover, Wonju Severance Christian Hospital fulfills its duties as the best university hospital in central Korea by putting unending efforts into researching difficult operations such as transradial coronary intervention and kidney transplantation.

  Currently Wonju Severance Christian Hospital is educating and training about 220 resident, the student nurses and doctors at Wonju College of Medicine, and providing practice for students from the College of Health Science, student nurses, medical technicians and emergency medical technicians. This education will create a bright future for medical personnel.

  Wonju Severance Christian Hospital puts much emphasis on examining and caring for patients by running the Regional Emergency Center 24 hours a day, and the hospital is conveniently situated, which makes it the best tertiary general hospital in central Korea.

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