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The main concept of Wonju Severance Christian Hospital is 'Christian Mission through Medical Service,' which is to use the Christian spirit to help people who are suffering.

To achieve this we train medical personnel with Christian sense of responsibility, research and develop new medical technologies, and always try to care for our patients with love.

Every members of Wonju Severance Christian Hospital is striving to make our hospital human-centered, customer-centered, and environment-centered. Simultaneously, we are trying in every way to create a love-filled and culturally advanced hospital which treasures medical education and research.

Wonju Severance Christian Hospital wants to be a clinic where every customer is its owner, and always puts promises with our customers above anything else. To make everyone feel as though the hospital is their home, we always consider medical service and love as one thing.

We cordially ask for your constant love and care for our hospital.

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